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The Fall River Arts and Culture Coalition (FRACC) is a collaborative, member-based organization dedicated to advancing arts and culture. Their goal is to foster a vibrant, inclusive, and sustainable creative economy. FRACC brings together a diverse group of participants, including artists, entrepreneurs, business owners, performers, cultural organizations, and local government officials. By doing so, they facilitate the exchange of ideas and ignite collective action and advocacy within a broader, more coordinated effort to support creative projects in the city and the South Coast region.

About the FRACC Ignition Space at GATHER:

FRACC has established a connection for creative individuals to collaborate and work with The Ignition Space. This space offers a flexible environment that can cater to community resources for various purposes, such as workshops, conferences, lectures, live performances, hands-on learning experiences, and the implementation of creative programming and projects.

Fall River Museum of Contemporary Art logo
Established in 2020, FR MoCA is a contemporary arts space creating culturally relevant programming that is in dialogue with the global contemporary art world. Engaging in regional histories, bringing shared experiences to the forefront, and practicing ongoing experimentation, FR MoCA explores research opportunities with varied collaborators to illuminate the shadows of past industries and allocate cultural resources to the South Coast. 
selvedge primary logo (black)
Selvage Southcoast is a rousing call for the longevity¬†and prosperity of Fall River’s design manufacturing industry. At GATHER, Selvage will host the city’s newest showroom and textile workspace for local designers.